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River Ploof

HireAbility Vermont youth consumer

Photograph of River Ploof

My start with HireAbility Vermont:

I think HireAbility Vermont really helps with my experience. They help me along the way so I can have a much better experience with my job and get to learn the process well.

My HireAbility Vermont counselor would make sure I had the right job coaches that would provide me with a better experience. My employment specialist was very helpful when it comes to helping people with disabilities find a job. I felt very happy and appreciative, and very proud about it.

In the future, I would like to manage my own money. I still want to stay working here, as I feel that it’s the best fit for me, and I would also like to live on my own.


My advice for anyone who is thinking about connecting with HireAbility Vermont:

HireAbility Vermont is a program that you need. You’ll meet with your job coach and your vocational counselor and then you have discussions about which job you’d be most interested in. They will ask you how many hours you want to work, and what you want to do in the future. I think having HireAbility Vermont as a service is great. It’s splendid. It’s amazing!


HireAbility February 4, 2022