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Discover your dream job.

There’s a big world of opportunity after high school. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where HireAbility Vermont comes in to provide career counseling to fit your goals, to help you navigate your path, and discover your dream job. Build your future by exploring careers and training opportunities, gaining work experience, and developing job and life skills. Working with us is 100% voluntary—it’s your program, set at your pace, designed to meet your goals.

Where To Start & Eligibility          Youth-Specific Programs & Services


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“HireAbility Vermont really helps with my experience with helping me along the way so I can have a much better experience with my job and get to learn the process well.”

RIVER PLOOF   |   Waterbury, VT

Where Do I Start?

Your first meetings with your Transition Counselor will focus on one key area: YOU. We’ll talk about your interests and experiences and explore what you need to be successful. Your counselor will talk you through our services and how the application process works. You can arrange to meet at your high school or local HireAbility office, whichever is most convenient for you.

What To Expect

  • Explore jobs and careers
  • Participate in work-based learning experiences, (including job shadows and company tours) and/or find an employer paid job
  • Talk about post-secondary education and training opportunities
  • Practice skills that you need at work and to be independent (like being on time, managing schedules, and communication)
  • Practice self-advocacy skills

Who Is Eligible?

High school students can receive HireAbility Vermont services if either of the following apply to them:

  • Receiving special education services in the school (have an IEP)
  • Have a 504 plan or eligible for a 504 plan

For Vermont youth who are blind, have a significant visual impairment or who are deaf or hard of hearing, your Transition Counselor can assist with connecting you with specialized services.

Contact us to get started:

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Are you a parent or guardian of a Vermont youth with a disability? HireAbility Vermont is a service for you too. Learn more about how we can help you prepare for their transition to life after high school +

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Making The Transition From School To Job

I was just pretty happy with the fact that I could actually help people and contribute to society. It was one of the biggest steps into becoming a responsible adult. I’m hoping that after college that I’ll become an art teacher for elementary school. I’m now working, and I’m going to be…

Dylan’s Story

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In The Future, I Would Like To Manage My Own Money

My HireAbility Vermont counselor would make sure that I had the right job coaches that would help me get a better experience. And my employment specialist was very helpful when it comes to helping people with disabilities find a job. I felt very happy and appreciative—and very proud about it…

River’s Story

HireAbility January 28, 2022