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We Value You

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What guides us.

Work is central to adult life. Work defines us, gives us purpose, independence, and community. Disability affects all of us eventually—whether we’re born with it, experience disability through illness, accident, or aging, or have a loved one or colleague with a disabling condition.

And when disability gets in the way of productive work, that’s when HireAbility Vermont steps in.


Our Mission

The mission of HireAbility Vermont is to help Vermonters with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain meaningful careers and to help employers recruit, train, retain and promote employees with disabilities.

Our Vision

  • Our customers will always be the first priority for our staff and community partners. We are ensuring that they will have the opportunity to support themselves and their families in a career pathway of their choice.
  • All HireAbility Vermont staff will be valued and empowered.
  • HireAbility Vermont has the resources to meet the needs of all Vermonters with disabilities and employers who seek our services.

Our Pledge

  • Treat all consumers and employers with respect.
  • Listen to customer needs and provide timely services of high quality.
  • To be competent, creative and flexible in our approach to problem solving.
  • To be a trusted on-going resource to our dual customer—the employer and the person with a disability.
  • To advocate for full accessibility for people with disabilities to the career pathway of their choice.
  • To ensure a high degree of employer and consumer satisfaction.
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“It’s really rewarding because you get a chance to watch students progress—you get a chance to train and interact with them. I think it’s just a great program for everybody in the community.”

Senior Vice President  |  Vermont Lake Monsters

HireAbility Vermont’s team of Counselors, Consultants, Support Staff, and Business Account Managers are on hand to answer any questions you have. We’d love to hear from you:

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HireAbility February 9, 2022