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Chronic Health Conditions

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Working with your Chronic Health Condition

Are you ready to take uncertainty out of your work/life balance? The support you need is here and it’s free.

Work contributes to your overall quality of life, but when living with a Chronic Health Condition, work can become increasingly difficult. Our goal is to help you preserve as much normalcy as possible as you navigate what work needs to look like for you. From help getting a job to excelling in your current career path, HireAbility Vermont counselors are your partners in success.

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Help Navigating Your Career

If you are living with a Chronic Health Condition, you may find yourself asking:

  • “How will I get or maintain a job?”
  • “What will happen to my benefits?”
  • “How will I work around my doctor appointments?”
  • “Will I be considered for a promotion?”

You may benefit from a more flexible work situation or schedule as you:

  • Manage medical appointments
  • Deal with fatigue and physical or cognitive limitations
  • Find need for higher than normal sick days, or sick-leave
  • See productivity loss and/or worry of job loss
  • Realize need for work accommodations or adaptions

With HireAbility Vermont, you will have access to free services and programs that inspire progress. You and your counselor will set a plan and determine which services and support will be most useful for you. We can work with your employer to accommodate your unique needs, or we can guide you on exploring a new career path.

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Findlay Wilkinson

“When you have a chronic illness you are in a very dark place, and it really does make you question your worth. With HireAbility Vermont, I see and have the opportunity to have pride in my work again.”

Findlay Wilkinson  |  Morrisville, VT

HireAbility August 25, 2023