Amy McGowan

HireAbility Vermont consumer

Photograph of Amy McGowan

My start with HireAbility Vermont:

I’ve always been a waitress, or [worked] on my feet and running around. I like to keep busy. But now that I’ve had the injury, I see myself in more of an office environment—more of a career. My HireAbility Vermont Counselor sends me job leads, in the administrative field, which keeps me motivated to set my focus more towards that in the future.

I had no hope at all at one point and was just really discouraged and feeling that I’d never get my own place, that I would never have a career. I was totally defeated at that point. And moving forward through all the support, and having my own place. It’s been a year now since I’ve been in my place, and them helping me get my laptop for school and getting all set up with the class. It’s like night and day—I’ve just come so far. I’m really proud that I’m in a great place. My environment is just so much better—I feel 100% Better. I definitely have hope now, and I definitely have a positive outlook. At this point, definitely I’m on the right path.


My advice for anyone who is thinking about connecting with HireAbility Vermont:

I think HireAbiltity Vermont is a great program for anyone who wants to excel and better themselves. The sky’s the limit and it’s definitely a great program to utilize so you can accomplish that. Definitely reach out and take advantage of the support and the resources that HireAbiltity Vermont offers.


HireAbility February 4, 2022