Alicia Kane

HireAbility Vermont consumer

Photograph of Alicia Kane

My start with HireAbility Vermont:

I first learned about HireAbility Vermont right out of high school. I was on a 504 plan and I remember speaking to somebody about how I had a hard time keeping a job and someone suggested to go there, that they do employment help. I’ve worked with them a couple different times throughout the course of my life, from my 20s to now my 30s, and they always helped me develop a plan to get back into doing a job that I would want to be doing. And they really supported me in all aspects of it, whether it be benefits counseling from being on state benefits at one time or another, to helping me do a resume. Building out what areas to really focus on in my resume and job coaching are really helping me find jobs and practice interviewing skills and employment coaching. I mean I just had a wonderful experience. I’ve done a lot of work myself but I don’t know if I could have done it without them.

My [current] employer is good at knowing what my skills are and they moved me up into position that they think I could do based on my experience and just having conversations with me about what I’m interested in. There has been a lot of growth in this position. HireAbility Vermont really works with you to advance and giving you what you really want out of a job and have a career.


What HireAbility Vermont means to me:

It’s a place where they don’t give up on you. They help you in whatever goals that you’re working on, whether it be looking into some classes to build upon experience or build upon something that you can later do in life. I just feel like they don’t give up on people and they’re just really helpful in helping you find the best fit for you.

I’m really proud that I have come this far. I had a lot of issues when I was younger and I just can’t believe I am where I am today and HireAbility Vermont was a part of that development for me. And I think the fact that they never gave up on me and helped motivate me to never give up on myself was, I think what I’m most proud of.


My advice for anyone who is thinking about connecting with HireAbility Vermont:

I would tell Vermonters with disabilities to take advantage of all the programs that they have there, all the help that they can give you right from job coaching to interview help. They have some financial ability to help you pay for things. I would just tell people to really look into it, take advantage of the team that they build around you there.


HireAbility February 4, 2022