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Julia Goldstein

HireAbility Vermont consumer

Photograph of Julia Goldstein

My start with HireAbility Vermont:

I hadn’t worked in three years, and I had not been able to find anything part-time that would allow me to be on disability and use my brain power and my talent, so this was a godsend really. If it wouldn’t have been for my counselor at HireAbility Vermont I wouldn’t even have seen this job. She encouraged me to apply and they were willing to work with me on hours and pay. My boss is super supportive and we get along great. My job is challenging and allows me to use my technical abilities and learn on the job. It’s just been a great opportunity for me to work in an environment that isn’t pressured and where I can still feel useful, accomplished, and can continue learning.

I can sell myself into almost any position, but I realized that it’s not serving me if I get the job and it’s not what I like to do, or it’s too much pressure. It isn’t about getting the job and getting the highest salary, it’s about being able to get a job that I like and stay in it, and be mentally well, too.

I’m smart and talented, and I need HireAbility Vermont. I learned a lot along the way being out of work for three years, and the counselors I worked with helped so much. I was able to focus, be compassionate and patient with myself, and be open to learning new things. So, it wasn’t just ‘yay I got a job!’, it was ‘I got a job that brings in extra money, gives me a structure to my week, and it’s one that is helping me with my personal growth.’

I didn’t have a good balance between knowing what I am capable of and knowing what circumstances I will work best under. My HireAbility Vermont counselor is so sweet, kind, and supportive, and back when I first got my disability and was trying to go back to work, she listened and she always cheered me on.


My advice for anyone who is thinking about connecting with HireAbility Vermont:

I’d say this for people who might be apprehensive, don’t underestimate what they can do to help. Give it a shot, we all need help. HireAbility Vermont has helped me in so many different ways along the road, whatever the circumstances have been.


HireAbility February 4, 2022